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Fire Alarm Systems

Your building’s fire alarm is one of the most important components of your fire protection system. Having a properly installed and well-maintained fire alarm is crucial, both for protecting your property and patrons from fire and for keeping your building code compliant. As with most facets of your building, the performance of your fire alarm depends largely on how it’s initially installed and how frequently it’s tested and repaired.

If you require fire alarm services in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Anchor Fire Protection today online or at 610.754.7836.

Fire Alarm Systems

The purpose of a fire alarm system is to alert building occupants they need to evacuate. Anchor Fire Protection uses Farenhyt Silent Knight fire panels. Monitoring is essential to alert the authorities of a fire, so this feature serves as an important backbone for the whole system. The combination of notifying employees and customers to leave the building and summoning the fire department to the premises makes fire alarm systems very adept at saving lives and property.

Fire alarm systems include many components that work together seamlessly to provide maximum protection. These components include:

  • Alarm initiating devices
  • Alarm notification appliances
  • Control units
  • Fire safety control devices
  • Annunciators
  • Power supplies
  • Wiring

Fire Alarm Installation

As a business owner, your expertise lies in running your business, not in memorizing Pennsylvania fire codes. At Anchor Fire Protection, we make it our priority to stay up-to-date with current code requirements so you don’t have to. This allows us to offer expert fire alarm design and installation services so the system suits your building’s needs perfectly.

silentknight_byhoneywell_color_100At Anchor Fire Protection, we are an Authorized Farenhyt Dealer, providing you with some of the best and most reliable fire alarm systems on the market.

Fire Alarm Testing

Even if you already have a fire alarm installed in your building, it’s not enough to ignore it and hope it functions well when you need it. Instead, you need to hire fire alarm technicians to test and maintain your system. This isn’t just vital for building safety – it’s also important for remaining code compliant and avoiding costly fines.

Without frequent and thorough fire alarm testing, how would you know if an important component wasn’t functioning correctly? Don’t wait until an emergency strikes to find out if something’s wrong with your fire alarm!

Fire Alarm Repair

Obviously, pinpointing a problem with your fire alarm isn’t enough. You must then conduct a skilled repair to get the damaged or malfunctioning components working again. With skilled technicians from Anchor Fire Protection at your disposal, you can rest assured we’ll bring your system back up to code for maximum safety and compliance. If you spot a problem that can’t wait for a scheduled repair, we also offer emergency services.

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