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Fire Sprinkler Systems

When you think about the components of a fire protection system, sprinklers probably come to mind. Sprinklers provide protection night and day from fire damage when no one’s around to call the fire department.

If your business needs new fire sprinklers installed or an existing system inspected, Anchor Fire Protection has you covered. With our extensive inventory, in-house engineering department, and in-house fabrication shop, we can provide our customers with sprinkler system installations and repairs in a timely and professional manner.

Need to schedule fire sprinkler services? Call us today at 610.754.7836! We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

As the first line of defense against growing fires, sprinkler systems can completely douse a blaze before it becomes a real threat. If the fire spreads too quickly for the sprinklers to manage alone, a monitored sprinkler system ensures the fire department is automatically dispatched to lend a hand in the emergency.

Keep in mind that, unlike in the movies, fire sprinklers initiate one at a time to target the fire’s actual location. Plus, it’s important to know that heat, not smoke, is what sets off a sprinkler head, so accidental activation is incredibly rare. These characteristics minimize water damage while still saving lives in a fire.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

From industrial properties to high rise buildings to apartment complexes, Anchor Fire Protection can handle many types of sprinkler installation projects. We have experience designing and implementing complex systems on large properties. No detail is overlooked, from selecting the right type of sprinkler system to ensuring your fire pump works from day one.  Let us design a system for you that maximizes building safety and ensures fire code compliance.

To schedule a fire sprinkler installation, please give Anchor Fire Protection a call at 610.754.7836.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection

Even when it seems like nothing is wrong with your sprinklers, it’s important to conduct quarterly and annual inspections to make sure the system is working properly and efficiently. Inspections include checking valves, pipes, hangers and assemblies to ensure every aspect of the system meets fire codes and will work in a fire. Don’t wait until an emergency to find out something is wrong! Count on Anchor Fire Protection to provide fire sprinkler inspections and the corresponding repairs to help keep your building safe from fire.

To arrange a fire sprinkler inspection contact our Service Department at 610.754.7836.

Fire Sprinkler Fabrication

Unlike other fire protection companies that must order parts in, Anchor Fire Protection boasts an in-house sprinkler fabrication shop. We boast an impressive inventory of fittings, valves, and pipes, along with an automatic welding machine, and pipe cutting and threading equipment. This allows us to deliver materials for your project on time every time.

To learn more about our in-house fabrication shop, contact us today.

Choose Anchor Fire Protection

After 40 years in the industry, we have mastered the art of designing, installing, inspecting, and repairing sprinkler systems with the help of our in-house fabrication shop. We’re ready to deliver the fire sprinkler services you need, whether large or small. We’re based in Pennsylvania and have a license to install fire sprinklers throughout the state as well as in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina.

If you think our services could benefit your commercial property, please contact us online or at 610.754.7836 today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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