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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

When it comes to protecting your building from a fire, nothing is more important than having a sprinkler system installed. Sprinklers are widely recognized as the most effective way to prevent a fire from spreading. In fact, a single sprinkler head can contain a growing fire 90 percent of the time, reducing fire damage by up to 97 percent. Also, death caused by fire in a building with functional sprinklers is practically unheard of.

With sprinklers installed, your building is protected 24/7, even if no one’s around. A monitored system also alerts the fire department when a sprinkler head activates, just in case extra backup is required.

Call us today at 610.754.7836 to request a sprinkler installation estimate for your Pennsylvania building. We are also licensed in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Whether your new Pennsylvania building needs a fire sprinkler system or your existing system requires an upgrade, Anchor Fire Protection is the company to call. With our extensive inventory and in-house fabrication shop, we can provide timely, professional sprinkler system installations. Our team takes every factor into account—including required sprinkler head density and any special hazards in your building—to ensure optimal fire protection to suit your needs.

To schedule fire sprinkler installation, please give Anchor Fire Protection a call.

The Importance of Installing a Sprinkler System

Sprinklers have been in use for over 100 years. If you’re wondering whether your building needs this feature, consider the importance of installing a sprinkler system:

  • Save lives: Once a fire alarm alerts people of the danger, sprinklers go into action to suppress the fire before it grows into a real threat. According to the National Fire Protection Association, no more than two people have ever perished in a completely sprinklered building where the system was operating properly.
  • Protect property: Unlike in the movies, sprinkler heads activate one at a time. Plus, they only use about eight to 24 gallons of water to extinguish a fire compared to 50 to 125 gallons per minute the fire department pours into your house. These characteristics mean you don’t have to choose between fire damage and water damage with a sprinkler system.
  • Avoid non-compliance fines: All commercial properties are required to have sprinklers for employee and patron safety. Failure to comply with fire codes could result in fines, which you can avoid by installing a sprinkler system.

Benefits of Professional Sprinkler System Installation

It’s important to carefully choose which company you hire to install your sprinklers. At Anchor Fire Protection, our experienced team can design and install a sprinkler system to ensure complete fire protection and code compliance. Our technicians are trained to understand all components of a fire sprinkler system, so efficient design and installation come naturally. When you rely on Anchor Fire Protection for the job, rest assured your sprinklers will meet all local and national code requirements.

Install a Sprinkler System in Your Pennsylvania Building

With 40 years of experience behind us, Anchor Fire Protection is your top pick for sprinkler system installation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. Our knowledgeable team is ready to deliver the fire sprinkler services you need, whether large or small.

For more information about installing sprinklers in your commercial building, please contact us online or call 610.754.7836 to schedule a free consultation with Anchor Fire Protection.

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