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Fire Alarm Repair

The fire alarm system in your building is a constant guardian, quietly watching for signs of a fire while you go about your day. It’s great to know your alarm system is functioning as it should. But what if something goes wrong? You can’t ignore the need for fire alarm repair or your building and the people in it will be left vulnerable if a fire ignites. Fortunately, you can count on Anchor Fire Protection for professional fire alarm repair.

To schedule a repair for your fire alarm system in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Anchor Fire Protection today at 610.754.7836. 

Fire Alarm System Repair

Fire alarm testing and repair are intertwined. Often, a problem will go unnoticed until you have the system tested. Then it’s necessary to schedule a repair and fix the issue to restore code compliance and protection for your building.

At Anchor Fire Protection, we repair all varieties of fire alarm systems, whether we originally installed them or not. We also offer emergency repairs if you notice a problem that can’t wait for a scheduled appointment. Our goal is to provide the services you need so you’re not left vulnerable to fires for any length of time.

Don’t be caught off-guard in a fire emergency. Fix the problems with your fire alarm by scheduling a repair today!

Importance of Fire Alarm Repair

You could always ignore the problem with your fire alarm, but what’s the point of the investment you made installing the system if it won’t work when you need it to? Repairs keep your business code compliant, ensure no lapses in insurance coverage, and prevent false alarms that could end up resulting in fines from the fire department.

Signs You Need Fire Alarm System Repair

When is the right time to hire Anchor Fire Protection to repair your fire alarm? Here are the most common circumstances:

  • Anchor Fire Protection detects a problem during testing: From a bad monitoring connection to low smoke detector sensitivity to a broken pull station, many things can go wrong with a fire alarm system. The most likely time for these problems to surface is when your system is thoroughly tested once a year. Fortunately, we can perform repairs on the spot to get your building back up to code.
  • You notice something’s wrong during a visual inspection: It’s very beneficial if someone on your staff has a basic knowledge of fire alarm systems. This person can conduct basic visual inspections between formal tests and reset the system when something’s wrong. If a reset doesn’t solve the problem, you know it’s time to schedule a repair. If the issue is serious, an emergency visit from ANCHOR Fire Protection is in order.

Schedule Fire Alarm Repair

During our 30 years in business, we’ve seen it all! This means, no matter what’s wrong with your fire alarm system, you can trust Anchor Fire Protection to perform the repair you need. Also, don’t hesitate to call us for an emergency repair if the problem can’t wait.

To schedule fire alarm repair in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please contact Anchor Fire Protection online or call us at 610.754.7836.

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