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Fire Alarm Testing

Because you rely on your fire alarm system to alert everyone in the building if there’s a fire, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is operational. The chance of a fire is slim, but are you willing to gamble the safety of your personnel and customers? If not, make fire alarm testing an annual priority.

Anchor Fire Protection is the right company for the job. We have more than 30 years of experience testing fire alarms. To schedule fire alarm system testing for your commercial building, contact Anchor Fire Protection today!

Fire Alarm System Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates fire alarm testing and establishes the minimum level of performance necessary. At Anchor Fire Protection, we provide services to help you meet these standards and avoid fines for non-compliance. We test all varieties of fire alarm systems, whether we originally installed them or not. Here’s a glimpse of what our tests include:

  • Examine the control panel
  • Confirm the monitoring connection
  • Check the annunciator panel
  • Test all pull stations
  • Test all bells and other audible/visual alarm notifications
  • Test elevator recall and door holders
  • Test smoke detector sensitivity
  • Test duct and thermal detectors
  • Test tamper and flow switches
  • Test ground fault detection circuitry
  • Test for grounded field wiring
  • Test standby batteries

Don’t be caught off-guard in a fire emergency. Make sure your alarm system is working by scheduling an inspection today!

When to Have Your Fire Alarm System Tested

As a business owner, you benefit tremendously if someone on staff has a basic knowledge of fire alarm systems. This person should know how to recognize when the system is impaired, how to reset the system, and when to call a professional for service. This person can conduct various visual inspections weekly, quarterly, and every six months, but you should have Anchor Fire Protection conduct the thorough testing described above once a year. Diagnosis and repair of specific problems can also be scheduled as needed.

Benefits of Fire Alarm Testing

Hiring Anchor Fire Protection to test your fire alarm allows you to benefit in the following ways:

  • Stay up to code: The NFPA requires some tests and inspections by law. Failing to have your fire alarm tested at least once a year could result in fines.
  • Prevent false alarms: When the alarm goes off without a corresponding emergency, it disrupts your daily business and becomes a real nuisance. Plus, you have to pay the fire department a fine if too many false alarms have them dispatching to your business for no reason. Regular tests and repairs can help you avoid interruptions and fines from false alarms.
  • Maintain your insurance requirements: Your insurance company may require you to have a working fire alarm. Testing provides the proof you need that your alarm system is up and running.

Schedule Fire Alarm Testing

We know you don’t want fire alarm testing to get in the way of running your business. That’s why our technicians conduct the inspection quickly and discreetly. You can go about your day as usual with fire alarm testing simply occurring in the background.

To schedule fire alarm testing for your building, please contact Anchor Fire Protection online or call us today at 610.754.7836.

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