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Fire Alarm Installation

An operational fire alarm is the foundation of your fire protection system. It’s important to keep your building, merchandise, and occupants safe in case a fire breaks out. It also contributes to the code compliance of your building so you can avoid hefty fines. The first step to reaching these goals is to have a fire alarm system designed and installed in your Pennsylvania building.

Our licensed, trained technicians have the know-how to install a fire alarm system to ensure the safety of those inside your building if an emergency occurs.

To schedule fire alarm system installation in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please call us now at 610.754.7836.

Fire Alarm System Installation

The purpose of installing a fire alarm is to alert everyone in your building of the need to evacuate. This makes an alarm system a vital part of saving lives in a fire. During the design process, we strive to make your fire alarm as effective and efficient as possible. We make sure your system has every component it needs to protect your building—from alarm initiating devices and notification appliances to annunciators and fire safety control devices—without any redundancies that could complicate the system or increase installation and maintenance costs for you.

At Anchor Fire Protection, we install fire alarms with Farenhyt Silent Knight, which feature a state-of-the-art, UL-listed central monitoring station. This enables system monitoring, which is essential for alerting the authorities of the emergency. With this feature, it’s no wonder why fire alarms are praised for their ability to save lives and property.

Benefits of a Properly Installed Fire Alarm System

You stand to benefit in three major ways when you have a fire alarm system installed:

  • You protect the people in your building with an alarm that makes it clear when an evacuation is in order.
  • You prevent property damage with a monitoring system that automatically alerts the fire department of the emergency.
  • You avoid costly fines associated with skipping this all-important component of a fire protection system.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Reputable Company for Fire Alarm Installation

The design and installation of your fire alarm system aren’t jobs you should leave to just any company. Rest assured that when you choose ANCHOR Fire Protection to design and install your fire alarm, we handle the entire process with finesse.

We take everything into account, from the layout of your building to any special requirements you may have. We acquire all necessary permits, perform the installation itself, and conduct tests to ensure everything’s in order before we call the job complete. This professional approach is what you can expect when you hire a reputable company to install your fire alarm system.

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